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ExP Group of Companies

ExP Group focuses on innovation and on development of cutting-edge technological solutions. The business philosophy assumed by the group is expressed in its products and services offering, which includes globally unique unmanned solutions deployed in the most demanding markets.

Our UAS platform is the product of intense and dedicated research and development together with our Japan partner Fuji Imvac Inc. Together, our combined experience in Aerial Vehicle amounted to 40 years. These experiences ensure the highest quality and most dependable UAS in its class.


Easy Deployment
Beyond Line of Sight
Long Endurance
Latest Technology

Our Products


Putera Type W-3


Putera Type E-7


Putera Type V-5


Putera Type V-3


Putera Type D-6


Putera 1


Putera 1.1


Putera 2.0


Operation & Tactical 

Autonomous control of group of our UAV based on task allocation mechanism shows great potential for ground tactical mission support.

Monitoring & Surveilance 

With large group and area to cover, or even when monitoring individuals, it is often difficult to maintain an overview. Our UAV can be a useful instrument, allowing the situation to be viewed from on high.

Aerial Imagery & Image Processing

Econimcally acquire data and imagery from the air in order to produce exquisitely detailed map.

Mapping, 3D Mapping & GIS

Produce high quality GIS data with acccurate map and /or 3D map.

Agriculture & Livestock Management (Enabler)

Aerial imagery and mapping offer advantages by provide information on crops, rangelands, livestocks etc. Important for the implementation of effective management decision, planning and allocation of limited resources.

Survey & Engineering 

The combination of accurate Ground Control Points, dense aerial elevation data and stunning, high resolution imagery, produce highest grade survey and mapping products.


Our UAV able to acquire and process data rapidly providing administrator bird's eye view of cut block and forests stand without delay. Aerial view + GIS provide asset management, survey info area calculation and species mapping.


The large aperture, 8x optical zoom and latest imaging engine provide high quality and low noise image suitable for close up inspection

Oil & Gas 

Our UAV leverage the latest advancements in high resolution aerial imagery and 3D terrain model to provide comprehensive services in Cut and Fill, Inspection Services and Thermal Imaging etc.

Emergency / Disaster Response 

Our UAV can be used to survey shelter damage, identify blocked roads and search for bodies in the debris (using thermal imaging cameras mounted on the drone for the latter). The imagery captured also helped to identify appropriate locations to set up camp.

About Us

ExP Group first established as ExP Solutions & Services Sdn Bhd since 2014
Main office of ExP and Operation office located at Technology Park Malaysia
Main Business is Research, Development and Commercialization of High Technology Products. Currently focusing on UAV related.
On July 2015, ExP received a grant from Agensi Inovasi Malaysia to develop Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and completed on June 2017
ExP has been appointed by UAVFactory Ltd, Latvia to market and integrate their UAV product since 2016

On 26th September 2017, ExP has signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Fuji Imvac Inc., Japan to collaborate in marketing, assembly and manufacture their UAV Product

Why Choose Us

A choice that makes the differences


Honest and Dependable

We strive to be better with understanding and we keen to do the job as it our source of income.


We Are Always Improving

We always keep up to date with the global technology 


We Are Passionate

The ability to work as a team, organization skills, motivation to succeed at the task, networking and dedication


Office 14, Level 2, Resource Centre, Incubation and Innovation Centre,
Technology Park Malaysia, Lebuhraya Puchong - Sg Besi,
57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.


Email us to: info@expgroup.com.my

Phone: +603-8992 3164

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